For those of you old enough to remember the “Double Mint Twins” and the commercials, the slogan was “Double the pleasure, double the fun with Double Mint gum”…..

When we talk about Live Streaming your event (sometimes referred to as a “Hybrid Event”) it could very well double the pleasure, double the fun, and double the expense. But then again, it could also be double the revenue. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of live streaming your event and how you can “Double the Pleasure…without breaking the bank”. 


  1. There is definitely the opportunity to reach your donors that are not in the close proximity of your home office. We have a client with locations in NY, Washington State & Missouri. By doing a livestream, all of the locations were able to tune in at the same time and even chat during the event. It was like a big “homecoming” and worked extremely well for those located across the country.
  2. Of course, during these trying times, many of our supporters don’t feel comfortable yet getting out and about with large groups. By live streaming, you’re being inclusive of those individuals and small groups that want to support you, but don’t want to attend a gala. At the same time, you’re also catering to those individuals who prefer to attend a live in person event. Win-win!
  3. The expenses are less for staff, food & venue as you’ll have less in-person attendees.
  4. We know that virtual events can struggle with a lack of energy since there is no audience. However, with livestreaming the event with some people in the room, it will reflect the energy, the enthusiasm and the excitement (Yes, the Three E’s) that is generated in the room. By adding a roaming camera, it can really add to the fun and make the viewers feel like they are in the room. 
  5. Don’t forget the expanded sponsorship opportunities that livestreaming presents. While we’re used to having marketing at the gala through power points, programs, etc., live streaming has a totally captive audience that will see overlays, pop-ups as well as pre-post shows.

Yes, there are a lot of pros…but let’s check out the cons so you can compare and see what will work best for you.


  1. Let’s just start with the obvious….EXPENSE! Yes, live streaming can be expensive, but with the right production company and the right audience, it should pay off. If you don’t think you’ll have the attendance and the donors, move on.
  2. Double the production double the….scripts. That’s right, you’ll need two different “ROS” of Run of Shows: one for the live audience and one for the virtual audience. Both of your crowds should feel like they are the center of attention. Make sure your emcee and/or auctioneer has the ability to relate to the camera, which is why that roaming camera is important. 
  3. And then, there are also challenges. There’s the challenge of how the virtual crowd can bid in the live auction. There’s the challenge of keeping both audiences engaged. There’s the challenge of the actual streaming without a delay. Yes, there is a lot to think about that can make livestreaming challenging.

We’d love to visit to see if live streaming can help your next event. Feel free to reach out to us!