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Raising Paddles became a reality in 2017. After 30+ years of serving charities as a part-time auctioneer, our journey became more mission focused after the loss of our daughter, who had a passion for missions and charities. Her bright spirit inspires each day to bring our talents and services to help as many charities and non-profits maximize their potential to serve their constituents in a positive way.

We strive to match our personal journeys to the causes you serve so that we can bring empathy and compassion to the stage that no one else can. We love what we do, and are continuing to complement our team with like-minded individuals and partners who can support the brand we strive to represent in our communities.

When you choose us, you will get a full team effort from like-minded fundraising professionals who are dedicated to the non-profit world. We blend entertainment, energy, and fun with proven strategies to grow your fundraising revenues 2X, 3X, even 4X previous years. Our year-round consulting ensures we are connected to your cause the moment you hire us, not just the night of the event. We add a level of energy and excitement to your guests and donors with a full-service team who specializes in audience development and donor development strategies.

Our goal is to make sure your guests leave with a memorable experience and with the intention of returning year after year, and inviting their friends to come with. We will help you design your event, acquire crowd pleasing auction items for your live and silent programs, and present you with an assortment of fresh new ideas to give each gala a boost of momentum to keep your guests entertained and pleased.

Most of all, you will see from Raising Paddles a team that is truly aligned in its mission, and aligned to meeting your goals for the event. We promise to put the FUN in the Fundraising in your next event!

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