The money you raise impacts the lives of those that you serve and the more you raise the more you can serve!

Self-motivated, eager professional with extensive, multi-faceted experience working and communicating with professional and volunteer fundraising administrators and organizations. Scott demonstrates energy and enthusiasm like none other prior to and during any event. Scott considers himself as a partner and ambassador to every organizer he assists and prefers this, over clients.

Scott Jones is an International Auctioneer and Fundraising Ambassador. Scott’s 18 years as a professional auctioneer has provided him the experience and knowledge to assist you in maximizing your donor participation. A graduate of World Wide College of Auctioneering and University of Virginia Masters of Education Program, Scott understands the importance of continued education and believes it is necessary to complete so that he may bring new ideas and greater revenue opportunities to his fundraising partners.

He graduated Indiana University’s Certified Auctioneer Institute and is one of only 800 professionals that carry the esteemed Designation of CAI Auctioneer. Scott also is one of only 300 auctioneers in the world that carries the Benefit Auction Specialist title. Scott, considered one of the top Floor Auctioneers/Ringman in the industry, helps other professionals by offering training courses to those looking to elevate their performances.

My experiences as a Professional Auctioneer, Real Estate Broker, and Benefit Specialist have given me a rich background, from selling a single item to participating in auctions containing large numbers of donors with results exceeding hundreds of thousands of dollars. My network of professional resources provides fundraising partners like yourself top level results for your event. Partnering with World Champion Auctioneers and collaborating with other industry leaders gives me the advantage to assist and provide the level of service your organization deserves.

Professionals are essential to the success of any fundraising event, and Scott as a professional has partnered with many groups and causes on the local, state and national levels. Those organizations included leading national franchises, The American Heart Association, Ducks Unlimited, St. Jude’s Children Hospital, Boys and Girls Club, Cancer Awareness, The Homeless, Orphaned Children, Burn Society, and The National Turkey Wildlife Association, Humane Societies, University Foundations, Private and Public Schools, and Religious organizations.


Honestly, my head is still reeling from what happened in the room on the night of our event. I have been a fundraiser for over 20 years and I never experienced anything like it. Your team is incredible! The Auction Team! Four people, with Scott as the lead. Our event was a casual Super Bowl themed event. Scott and his team came with with whistles wearing referee outfits. They were kind and gracious to our guests, never assumed they were the stars of the show (which they were!) and did everything perfectly. I have worked with other auction groups and none come close to the way they can captivate and motivate guests.

Diane Lillwitz, Charitable Fund Manager, DuPage Medical Group

It was an amazing evening due, in most part, to the great job Scott did.  I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received about you and your engagement, participation and the fun you added to the night! We saw remarkable results and never would have believed we could raise this much!  Much thanks to Scott and Raising Paddles!

John J. D’Attoma, CEO , SCARED

Scott, THANK YOU!!!  From the first time I talked with Dan to when I met you I knew I made the right decision hiring your company!  I seriously could not have pulled this off without your guidance along the way!!

Krisann Muritz, Columbus Catholic

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