I have always been close to auctions as a second generation auctioneer, I guess you could say it is “in my blood”. For over 30 years, starting in 1985, I have devoted my time and effort in this area to social causes, charities, schools, not-for-profits. I enjoy doing charity and benefit events immensely, and it shows in my performance on stage and in the results I deliver. 

But through life, I have especially been connected to certain charities and causes through my own experiences.

FIRST, my wife and I are proud parents of a special needs child, who was born premature at 24 weeks gestation. From the first two years spent in intensive care to today, he continues to be an inspiration to our family as we grow through him, with him through all of his challenges.

SECOND, we lost our 19 year old daughter who struggled with depression and anxiety. It goes without saying that this event has changed forever my perspective of all those who have lost loved ones before me.

LASTLY, I am a cancer survivor, having dealt specifically with prostate cancer….caught early and now cancer free, but the stress and unknown of this trial brought a greater appreciation to the life we cherish, and the purpose we serve.

I have found a special bond with those who have dealt with similar situations in their lives, and we speak the same language. That is why I focus my time and talents as an auctioneer to serve charities and benefits to help them drive their passion and reach their goals.  

It is because of these events in our lives that I try to hold myself to a higher standard – one that only those who have “been there” can truly understand. I cherish the opportunities to make a difference and to advocate for those who are in need, and those who are suffering.


Over the past 30 years, I have served as auctioneer at over 300 charity events, helping raise millions of dollars for various charities and benefits. Having served at events ranging from 50 to 1000+ attendees, I have the experience and expertise that helps connect your audience to your cause and that brings tremendous value to your event.


The R.Ed.I. Foundation’s live auction plays an integral role in meeting our gala fundraising goals. Dan Campbell is extraordinarily adept at engaging his audience, he reads the mood and crowd with exceptional skill. He is superior at quickly captivating the guests. He creates an exciting environment that sets the stage for achieving the highest possible bid. Dan, takes the time to learn about each live auction item. He is brilliant at assisting the guests in understanding and embracing the call to heart, he then masterfully combines the information to create a generous environment of giving. Dan Campbell’s experience, excellent skills and professionalism were the catalyst for the tremendous increase in gala revenue we experienced.
Kimberly Farah, President, R.Ed.I. Arts and Education Foundation

“Dan is an absolute pleasure to work with for our live auctions, he keeps the excitement in a room of over 850 bidders and moves through items quickly to keep the momentum moving. Not only is Dan a great auctioneer, but a great person who truly cares for the cause and translates that to the audience during the paddle raise. We are thankful to have worked with Dan for over 4 years and a continued partnership for upcoming Galas.”

Ashley Nakayama, Cal's Angels

Dan, Thank you so much for all the help with the event. Your staff was amazing and I now think we need to continue the tradition of a confetti cannon for future Galas!

Lisa Rispoli, Moraine Valley Community College Foundation

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