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The Impact of Speeches on your Gala Crowd

By: Dan Campbell, Fundraising Auctioneer  You are a special events coordinator…. or at least that is one of your MANY hats, and you are looking at a gala timeline that appears to last through next Tuesday……will our audience embrace what we have planned? Today’s audience is less patient with long programs, and we seem [...]

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How Your Nonprofit Can Weather Record High Inflation

By: Erin Williams, Fundraising Auctioneer Last month we announced a new Client Success Manager, Olivia Newbill. She will be a great support and resource to all of our clients. We are excited to have her on the Raising Paddles team! This means I've transitioned to a full-time Fundraising Auctioneer and Consultant. I am thrilled [...]

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Sponsorship and Fundraising—Differentiating the Two | Understanding Fundraising: Part 2 of a 2-part Series

Written by Scott Jones, CFRE, BAS, CAI Fundraising Auctioneer Every organization needs funding to thrive. You need resources to invest in your programs, your members, your staff, and your infrastructure – to ultimately achieve your greater mission. You likely have value that you can offer in various ways to obtain this support. So how [...]

To Theme or Not to Theme…That is the Question

By: Shannon Eason, Fundraising Auctioneer While on a call this week, the planning committee started dialogue about a theme. "What is our theme?" and  "Should we have a theme?" Those are great questions, so I googled it...and came up with some great info I wanted to share. Having a theme can benefit an event in many [...]

Sponsorship and Fundraising—Differentiating the Two

By: Scott Jones, Fundraising Auctioneer, CFRE Whether a seasoned professional or someone new to the nonprofit world, can you clearly identify the difference between sponsorship dollars and monetary donations?  Are businesses and donors confused or conflicted when asked to support your event?  Are you approaching supporters with the right mindset and are you trying [...]

Donor Welcome Kits

By: Scott Jones, Fundraising Auctioneer, CFRE I have invested a lot of study and research lately on Donor Welcome Kits.  How important are they truly? My thoughts align with this content below. It’s often said that a donor isn’t really a donor until they’ve made a second gift. If that’s true, your new donor [...]

Adding Belize to Your Live Auction

By: Dan Campbell, Fundraising Auctioneer  One of the things we often are asked about as Fundraising Consultants is to provide fresh ideas for your live auction. There are many tried and true destinations that charities will offer each year for their guests to bid on; Napa Wine Tasting, Kentucky Bourbon Tour, Las Vegas, Mexico, [...]

Fresh Revenue Generators For Your Fundraising Gala

By Shannon Eason, Fundraising Auctioneer   One thing Covid times have taught us is to be adaptable. The tried and true fundraising structure may need a refresh for your audience. This article will hopefully provide you a few ideas of what we call “revenue enhancers.” Revenue enhancers can supplement or even replace some of [...]

The Season of Thanks is Year-Round

By Scott Jones, CFRE, CAI, BAS  One of the most important things you can do to steward your donors is say: “Thank you.” We all know thanking donors is not just as an expression of gratitude, but a way of building and deepening new and existing relationships. When done properly, donor recognition can encourage [...]

Reconnecting with your Donors and Finding NEW Donors

By Dan Campbell, Fundraising Auctioneer This season of change has disrupted our normal flow of donor relations and forces us to rethink how we engage and how we keep our donors informed and inspired about our mission. For many of you, your core donor base has responded well during Covid with generosity that has [...]

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