By: Erin Williams 

Rather than an article this month, I’d like to encourage you to watch a video. That’s right-  take a break and prop your feet up! Click the link below to watch. 

“Peter Diamandis: Energetic Fundraising” 

What I find most interesting is throughout his presentation, Diamandis showcases how the element of courage stands as a critical determinant in the triumphant quest for funds. He also highlights that “we have to ask.” We often hear from professional fundraisers, “I don’t know how to ask for…” My response is, “This is what we do!”

While it may be daunting to seek substantial financial investments, it is the audacity to chase them that sets apart the most successful fundraisers. Diamandis’ insights are drawn from his own experiences, as someone who’s navigated the demanding ecosystem of energetic fundraising and succeeded. His views underscore the importance of balancing recognition of opportunities with the bravery required to seize them, providing a valuable perspective that might influence those who are keen on understanding the nuances of fundraising.


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