With an abundance of options from over 40 consignment companies, choosing the best travel experience for your event may seem like a challenging task. We’ve observed that most companies offer similar products like Napa or Mexico leaving you wondering which one provides the best value. Enter Mission First – the solution to this need. We have worked hard to simplify this process  for you so you can focus on your event. When using Mission First, you will still get the packages you want, but with confidence, they will perform well and help maximize your fundraising!

 One of the key motivating factors behind creating this site is the opportunity to elevate customer service standards in the consignment industry. We understand that each consignment company operates differently, and it can be challenging to navigate the post-event process to ensure your winning bidders receive the best care. Mission First Fundraising is a full-service solution that includes a team who will help process your winners with all the consignment companies and smooth that process out for you, and your winners.

We built this site with exciting new features that we hope you will enjoy. We have built a live auction calculator that will populate as you select items for your event with your cost, the estimated sell price, and your net proceeds. You will also be able to add your donated items to this calculator, which then allows you to have a complete view of your live auction lineup so you can affirm it will meet your fundraising needs. Our team is able to assist you with this as well, and help you adjust things to match your fundraising goals. We have also included a calculator tool for your raffles, games, as well as the paddle raise, give-from-the-heart moment. If you use all of these tools, you will have a very solid understanding of the fundraising you will achieve the night of! Knowledge is power!

We will offer consulting to you whenever you use the site, including item recommendations suited to your fundraising goals, the capacity to give and bid of your audience, as well as your event theme or focal point for the mission. We believe that understanding YOUR mission first, allows us to match your needs better with a fundraising strategy that you will be happy with.

Of course, you will notice we do not intend to be all things to all people. We offer 120 packages that we are confident in that will do for you. However, you may want a different package that we do not offer, and that is ok. We can still direct you to one of our partners in our network and meet your needs. If we have the demand and see the right ROI for our clients, we may consider adding other packages as we go along!

We appreciate your feedback and let us know how it looks for you. Go to: www.missionfirstfundraising.org and create an account. There is no obligation, play around with it and let us know what you think!