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Addressing Donor Pain Points at Your Gala

By: Erin Williams, Fundraising Auctioneer & Consultant  Our Raising Paddles team is hard at work helping nonprofit clients prepare for a great fall season of fundraising! As you are planning your fall fundraising gala, ask yourself, or better yet reach out to a few key donors to learn ways to improve their donor experience. [...]

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Is There a Secret Sauce for a Successful Fund A Need (FAN)?

Is There a Secret Sauce for a Successful Fund A Need (FAN)? You bet there is..... Why are some FANs more successful than others? Why do some small groups have more successful FANs than large groups? How do you conduct a FAN that makes people want to raise their paddle? Well, we're glad you asked. [...]

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8 Mission Video Storytelling Tips

8 Mission Video Storytelling Tips By: Scott Jones As the famous saying goes, stories make the world go round. They help non-profits build personal connections, based on empathy, trust, and compassion with their supporters through the act of storytelling. People process visuals 60,000 times better than text, which makes storytelling quite important these days. Therefore, [...]

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