Is There a Secret Sauce for a Successful Fund A Need (FAN)? You bet there is…..

Why are some FANs more successful than others? Why do some small groups have more successful FANs than large groups? How do you conduct a FAN that makes people want to raise their paddle?
Well, we’re glad you asked. Now, more than ever, budgets are tight and donations are critical.  We’re seeing the FAN aka Special Appeal taking over as the evening’s highlight. That is, no more speakers and instead, being replaced with testimonials and storytelling. We know our CEOs/Board Chairs and or Committee Chairs have dedicated time, resources and even finances and often times want stage time to share their passion and commitment. But, will this translate into a greater impact for your attendees?
How do you have an incredible event that leaves your guests with their hearts full and a desire to support you and develop a relationship with your organization?
Well, we’re glad you asked! Several key words from the previous paragraphs are the key “ingredients” to the secret sauce. Are you ready for the recipe?
Preheat the room with guests that are committed to your organization realizing there is a value for each seat. It’s not quantity of guests, it’s quality!
After combining a fun and engaging cocktail hour, add a fabulous meal. Then, after serving dessert, start your live auction. Make sure you have a passionate ambassador aka “auctioneer” to stir up the crowd with  excitement, enthusiasm and entertainment,  And make sure the live auction contains a nice variety of spicy items that will appeal to the masses, yet also have unique components that make them special.
At the end of the live auction…it’s time ..the FAN! Don’t make the mistake of having a speaker…especially now. This is where measuring the ingredients is critical because you are combining the last of the items in the bowl…you’re getting ready to pour the batter in the pan. Set the timer for 3-5 minutes, because any longer and your sauce will burn. 3-5 minutes….that’s right. This is the most critical point of the entire evening. You’ve invested money and time… a lot of both of them into this recipe. Tell your story. Whether you’re having a live testimonial or a pre-recorded video (we prefer the video and then introducing the person live to “bring it in person”, it’s all about the content and delivery. This is basically having the right size pan for your batter.
And then, your Ambassador takes over, stirring…..combining the story and folding it gently to resonate with your supporters. Looking in their eyes and sharing important details about the difference they can make that evening with their support. Having a “pre-commited donor at each level is insurance you won’t get scorched…By sharing something each level can provide, you have the opportunity to touch someone’s heart. Thanking each guest as they raise their paddle is “icing on the cake”.
That….all of that….is the secret sauce. The right ingredients in the right order at the right temperature. It’s the perfect recipe. We wish you much success at your event and hope your FAN is the most successful ever. For more details or any questions, feel free to reach out to one of our team!