By: Shannon Eason

I was doing an introductory call with a new client. Something they said really resonated with me and I wondered, “Why aren’t I hearing this more often?” Yes, you’re wondering what they said, aren’t you?

“Our event last year was….well, forgettable. How do we make our event this year UNforgettable?”
That’s a great question and let’s see what we can do to make that happen: Let’s talk about!

1) Personalize your service

One of the key factors that make a guest experience memorable is personalization. You can train your staff to be attentive, friendly, and proactive in addressing your guests’ requests and questions. Personalizing your service can make your guests feel recognized, appreciated, and cared for.

2) Surprise and delight your guests

Another way to create memorable experiences for guests is to surprise and delight them with unexpected gestures, gifts, or offers. This can be anything from a complimentary upgrade, a welcome drink, a handwritten note, a local souvenir, or a special discount. The key is to make your surprises relevant, timely, and genuine.  Surprising and delighting your guests can make them feel happy, grateful, and loyal.

3) Create a unique atmosphere

A third way to create a memorable experience for guests is to create a unique atmosphere that reflects your brand, your location, and your values. This means designing your physical space, your online presence, and your communication style to be consistent, distinctive, and appealing. You can use elements such as music, lighting, colors, art, furniture, or signage to create a mood, a theme, or a story that connects with your guests. You can also use social media, newsletters, blogs, or podcasts to share your vision, your stories, and your values with your guests. Creating a unique atmosphere can make your guests feel immersed, engaged, and inspired. This is a great opportunity to lean in on your event planner.

4) Encourage feedback and referrals

A fourth way to create a memorable experience for guests is to encourage feedback and referrals. This means asking your guests for their opinions, suggestions, and reviews, and rewarding them for their loyalty and advocacy. You can use tools such as surveys, comment cards, online platforms, or loyalty programs to collect and analyze feedback and referrals. You can also use feedback and referrals to improve your service, to recognize and reward your staff, and to attract new customers. Encouraging feedback and referrals can make your guests feel valued, heard, and influential.

5) Offer something extra

A fifth way to create a memorable experience for guests is to offer something extra that goes beyond the typical experience. This means providing your guests with additional benefits, information, or experiences that enhance the gala or their well-being. You can do this by partnering with other businesses, organizations, or experts to offer your guests access to exclusive deals, events, activities, or resources. You can also do this by creating your own content, products, or services that add value, fun, or education to your guests. Offering something extra can make your guests feel satisfied, curious, and enriched.

6) Keep in touch

A sixth way to create a memorable experience for guests is to keep in touch with them after the event. This means maintaining a relationship with your guests through email, phone, social media, or other channels. You can do this by sending them thank-you notes, surveys as mentioned before, or a photo from the evening.  Keeping in touch with your guests can make them feel remembered, appreciated, and loyal.