By Dan Campbell, Fundraising Auctioneer

This season of change has disrupted our normal flow of donor relations and forces us to rethink how we engage and how we keep our donors informed and inspired about our mission. For many of you, your core donor base has responded well during Covid with generosity that has been exceptional, a true blessing. 

The real concern is beyond that core, and how we are retaining and acquiring donors that may not be part of our core. What is your plan to keep them engaged, to grow your donor base when connecting with them is so difficult without traditional approaches to networking, and the branding of your mission?

We have been working with a company called Windfall Data that uses data to build a strategy to better engage your donor base. This involves assessment of your donor base, understanding their potential to give, and allowing you to focus your outreach with timely and relevant messaging. 

Windfall Data will take your existing donor base and analyze it along with the larger demographics of your mission’s reach, and help you identify more potential for your cause. Beyond your donors, their connections come alive in this analysis to show you who they are connected with, and where you should focus your efforts for maximizing fundraising and mission messaging. Imagine having a better grasp of the propensity to give by your donors and their social networks….and the wealth potential of your donors and future donors, which in turn provides a realization of your return on investment (ROI) when you make budget decisions on events, branding, and messaging.

If you have had a recent event where you felt like attendance was less than stellar, or you felt that the donors who did attend were not a full representation of your fundraising potential, maybe now is the time to do an assessment, and access the data to help inform and direct future direction for your cause.

I imagine some of you have looked into this before, however most data firms are simply aggregators of data and do not have the depth and insight of a company focused specifically on fundraising. Windfall is among a small handful of companies who have their own data platform, and are focused on the non-profit space. Their expertise makes the data become information and knowledge you can use to compete for giving dollars in your market. Market intelligence is power…using the right data to impact your mission’s bottom line.

Windfall will provide you with a FREE wealth analysis report as a subscriber of our newsletter. To access the free analysis, which will identify how many net worth millionaires they have in their database, fill out the form at this link to run your free Wealth Analysis Report.

Windfall Wealth Analytics Report 

For more information, you can also contact Windfall Data directly, or call our team to help answer any questions about this topic:

Kyle Curry

Director of Nonprofit Sales | Windfall Data

phone: 773-234-8594