Bueller? Bueller?

Looking for your donors and there’s no response? Where are our donors when we’re looking for them.
6 Ways to Get New Donors

1) Relationship Mapping. Your current donors, board members, and volunteers are your best link to finding new donors. … If each board member provides ten contacts to the developmental director, you’re looking at a potential of 100+ new contacts. Lean on your Board. And if you say, “Our Board isn’t very engaged”, then engage them (or replace them).

2) Research, research, research. Read your local newspapers and magazines. … This is a great opportunity to see who is active and “moving and shaking” in the community. Reach out to them. Even if they aren’t available or able to support you, they will have contacts that can. Ask them for 5-7 recommendations that you can reach out to.

3) Be Where They Are. … Look at your clubs and organizations that you belong to. You might have been in the same room with these people for the last 5 years as members of the Lions, the Optimists, the Elks, Eagles, PTA, etc. Have you looked at them in a new light?

4) Build Partnerships. …Have you been a volunteer for another organization? Looking at other organizations and partnering with them is a great way to develop partnerships. These partnerships can work out great when it comes to sharing contacts, trading items they have been using in the live auction at their gala with something you’ve been using for years. This helps keep your live auction fresh and new. This is just an example of sharing with another organization.

5) Get out in the community. …Are you attending your local Chamber of Commerce meetings? Are you volunteering at the shelter or soup kitchen? This is a great way to “educate” people on your organization while at the same time doing good. It’s a “win-win”.

6) Host Cultivation Parties. Did you hear “Party”? Yes! We’re cultivating donors and doing it with a party! YOu could call it a VIP party and inviting those “ten” potential contacts. This gives you a great opportunity to share about your mission and getting friends and contacts vested in your organization.

Don’t forget, while these contacts might not work out to be actual donors, they might be volunteers, committee members, future Board Members, or able to supply items for your gala. Think outside the box on how you can utilize your new contacts!